Our Investment Process

Advantage of Holistic Wealth

When working with clients, we follow our Holistic Wealth service approach.

We use our Holistic Wealth services in financial planning approach to assist people in managing their complete investment, insurance and debt portfolios.

This means that in order to create a well-designed financial plan, it is important that we fully understand your current and desired financial situation, including debt management and your investment and insurance portfolios.

After an initial wealth assessment, the first step is to craft a Letter of Engagement. This agreement outlines the scope of our relationship and our mutual obligations and expectations.

One aspect to consider when structuring portfolios is Tax Optimization. This involves minimizing taxes (current and future) and may allow you to recover government claw-backs such as Old Age Security (OAS).

Concentration Risk, defined as the risk having too much of your portfolio exposed to too few investments, is also monitored on an ongoing basis to ensure proper diversification.

For those who qualify, we also offer a full Wealth Strategy, which is a comprehensive financial and estate plan, to tie all of your life goals together in a detailed analysis.

Next, we design an Investment Policy Statement, based on your risk tolerance, which outlines how your account will be managed.


We are able to recommend the best solutions and strategies for you, without pressure or bias to certain products. We offer you the choice in our compensation model. We can have a commission arrangement where you pay a commission with each transaction. Alternatively, we offer a fee-based option where you pay a fee (as a percentage of the value of your account). When offered the choice, we find most investors prefer the fee-based approach as this way we are paid to give ongoing advice and this can reduce potential conflicts of interest. Where possible, we prefer to offer solutions where the advisor compensation is not buried in the cost of the product but is clearly apparent to you. We believe this not only provides better transparency, but also allows us the objectivity of selecting investment solutions that are the most appropriate to your personal situation.

We use our Holistic Wealth services in financial planning approach to assist people in managing their complete investment, insurance and debt portfolios.

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